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Frederic | Graphic/Web Designer

RoadKit App Logo RoadKit is a single app to share your next adventure, from stops you make to music you love. Find good eats, locate cheap fuel, track miles and more! portfolio image 1 from portfolio titled Apps
App Design This ADDY Award Winning App Design features a streamlined app to track your trip. Log and share mileage, weather, stops, photos, locations and more. portfolio image 2 from portfolio titled Apps
Love them Home App Logo Love them Home targets working adults living above the poverty level. The goal is to persuade them to build relationships with the homeless. portfolio image 3 from portfolio titled Apps
App Design This app is designed to help both the homeless and working adults who wish to get involved. It showcases Facts, and ways to Get Help and Take Action. portfolio image 4 from portfolio titled Apps
Facebook Ad Campaign These carousel ads focus on the facts concerning homelessness and photos from a gorilla campaign driving viewers to download the app to learn more. portfolio image 5 from portfolio titled Apps

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Project: Apps

Role: Graphic Designer

Software Used: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Lightroom, Acrobat

Positive Outcomes:

Description: A curated selection of some of my app designs—RoadKit, an app to share your next Road Trip adventure, from stops you make to music you love and Love them Home, a social good app to persuade working adults to build relationships with those who are homeless and living in poverty.

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Mood Burger
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