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Frederic | Graphic/Web Designer

Brewvita Logo Brewvita is a coffee company featuring hand-crafted blends of small batch village co-op coffees. Their coffee is great, but their mission is greater! portfolio image 1 from portfolio titled Branding
Identity Package This clean and simple ID package offers a warm yet professional appeal while giving employees the option of choosing their business card orientation. portfolio image 2 from portfolio titled Branding
Ad Campaign This ADDY Award winning Ad Campaign focuses on the CSR component of Brewvita using creative taglines and strong imagery to sell the brand. portfolio image 3 from portfolio titled Branding
Packaging These illustrated coffee bag labels offer the brand a unique and hand crafted look and feel with affordable production costs and easy application. portfolio image 4 from portfolio titled Branding
Connectmatic Logo Connectmatic is an IT startup based out of Cary, NC. Their focus is networking technologies and custom healthcare applications. portfolio image 5 from portfolio titled Branding
Website and Banner Ads Designed the logo, icons, branding, website, banner ads, and taglines promoting different services and aspects of Connectmatic. portfolio image 6 from portfolio titled Branding
Source of Light Logo Source of Light is a non-profit that develops training materials for nationals in 40+ countries and 80+ languages.  portfolio image 7 from portfolio titled Branding
Department Business Cards Choosing a spot color to represent each department these business cards and logos keep brand unity while giving each group a personalized feel. portfolio image 8 from portfolio titled Branding
PR Booklet This booklet is designed to promote aspects of the organization, their mission and core value, and showcase ways you can get involved. portfolio image 9 from portfolio titled Branding

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Project: Branding

Role: Graphic Designer

Software Used: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Lightroom, Acrobat

Positive Outcomes:

Description: A curated selection of some of my branding projects—Brewvita, a coffee company where every blend gives back to the community, Connectmatic, a Cary, NC based IT startup focused on custom healthcare applications, and Source of Light, a non-profit developing global training materials in 80+ languages.

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Mood Burger
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