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Cristina is an Interactive Designer with 6+ years of experience designing & developing responsive websites! She enjoys the hands-on process of taking a website from concept to completion, and utilizes a consultative & collaborative approach in her work. Through all stages, she strives for simple & functional design throughout the ideation, creation, and launch of client projects. She has years of hands-on experience with Creative Direction, Front End Development, and Digital/Print design. Her portfolio includes visual web design, content rebrand design, news/article hosting, digital & email campaigns, sweepstakes, and customized CMS template collateral. She works her magic with Adobe CS6, Office Suite, HTML5/CSS3, PHP, jQuery & JavaScript, and both WordPress & ExpressionEngine CMSs. And to boot, she is an amazing spatial thinker with a knack for maximizing both details and big-picture components.
Project: DRUM! University

Role: Branding, Web Design

Software Used: Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML

Positive Outcomes:

Description: DRUM! University is a free app that let's musicians learn on the go. This is the result of a complete redesign process which included new branding, user interface, and promotional web page.

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