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Michael | Senior Graphic Designer

PEVC Website Front sliders on PEVC Event website created and on display. Basis of which still in use for new conference this year. portfolio image 1 from portfolio titled SVB Event Projects 2013
iPad Lock Screens Concierge staff had iPads and I thought they should not miss an opportunity to have the conference images displayed on their staff's equipment. portfolio image 2 from portfolio titled SVB Event Projects 2013
Welcome Sign and magnet pad Welcome desk mock up and actual photo of sign at front desk. Given away was a small magnet pad. portfolio image 3 from portfolio titled SVB Event Projects 2013
Printed Agenda Cards 2012 2 tracks for the event over several days. Two tracks for the event so two cards were printed and handed out. Sized to slip into the front pocket. portfolio image 4 from portfolio titled SVB Event Projects 2013
PPT generic templates Events needed a blank template for displays around the event. portfolio image 5 from portfolio titled SVB Event Projects 2013
Various elements of the event Several items were branded for the event. portfolio image 6 from portfolio titled SVB Event Projects 2013
T-shirt design (not printed) Submitted a t-shirt design at the last minute. No shirt was delivered. portfolio image 7 from portfolio titled SVB Event Projects 2013
Elevator Signs Conference signs in the elevator over several days. portfolio image 8 from portfolio titled SVB Event Projects 2013
General Photos of Event Montage of photos of actual items printed for the event. portfolio image 9 from portfolio titled SVB Event Projects 2013
Pool Decal The pool at the event site had the opportunity to brand for the event. portfolio image 10 from portfolio titled SVB Event Projects 2013
Conference Photos Second page of photos from the event showcase the event brand and bank's identity. portfolio image 11 from portfolio titled SVB Event Projects 2013

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Michael Furukawa is a skilled Media and Production Manager and Director with an exceptional record of success managing print and online products as well as guiding Art Departments. He's a highly accomplished, creative, and energetic professional with 10+ years experience managing the design and development of external portals, micro-sites, and content publication efforts. Michael is also an experienced Graphic Artist and photo manipulator who can help prepare and deliver pixel perfect files, award-winning event marketing, and facilities graphics. He's also adept in providing strong creative direction by establishing policies and procedures to ensure rapid growth.rnrnrn
Project: SVB Event Projects 2013

Role: Creative Dir.; production; PM

Software Used: Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, InDesign

Positive Outcomes: Started out as very small number of signs and other elements, but expanded their scope and included some items they never thought of.


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