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Sarah | UI/UX Designer and Digital Marketing Strategist

SpiritScope Folder Design Folder design for Spirit Scope college ministry. 2 hours. portfolio image 1 from portfolio titled Featured Work
6D Fit Logo 6d Fit Logo designed for company.

1 hour portfolio image 2 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Floordrobe Films Logo Logo designed in Photoshop for independent filmaker.

2 hours portfolio image 3 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Minimalist Flyer Minimalist flyer used for Global Medical Brigades recruiting.

2 hours portfolio image 4 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Global Brigades UI User Interface for Admin Dashboard on Global Brigades website.

5 hours portfolio image 5 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Sketch of Michael Sketch of Michael Fassbender. Drawn in four hours with 4H graphite, soft charcoal stick/pencil, tissue, q-tip, and tortillions. portfolio image 6 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Quanta Website Homepage for the Quanta (currently under revamp). Wordpress.

Dec 2011-Feb 2012 portfolio image 7 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Illumin8 Flyer Flyer designed in Photoshop for Illumin8 Concert hosted by 24seven youth ministries.

3 hours portfolio image 8 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Quanta Flyer - 10,000 Solutions Quanta Flyer I did in Photoshop for campaigning 10,000 Solutions supporters.

2 Hours portfolio image 9 from portfolio titled Featured Work
15th Anniversary Graphic 15th Anniversary Graphic I designed for Love Life Church using Photoshop.

2 Hours portfolio image 10 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Onvard UI User Interface I designed for Onvard.com

5 hours portfolio image 11 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Sketch of Keira 5 hours, Charcoal, 6B and 3B charcoal pencils, blending stumps, tissue, and paintbrush. Colored: 1 hour Photoshop. portfolio image 12 from portfolio titled Featured Work

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Sarah has 10+ years working in design, B2C/B2B marketing, project management, and front-end development. Specialties Include: Product Design, Mobile Design, Social Media Marketing, B2B/B2C Marketing Strategies, Tech Start-Ups, Content Creation and Organization, SEO/SEM Brand Creation and Management, Web Design and Maintenance, Front-End Development, Photoshop/Illustrator, Technical Instruction, Sitemaps/Wireframes, User Experience, Strategy Version Control, and Project Management.
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