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ALL FOUR:ONE - Outdoor  portfolio image 3 from portfolio titled CU - ALL FOUR:ONE
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I am a multi-faceted designer, art director, and retoucher with over 10 years of agency experience, ranging from big places like CP+B to small shops. I have a passion for print, design, and photography and have creative directed everything from large national campaigns for the University of Colorado to working with smaller clients with an emphasis on getting scrappy. I have a background in art production and have experience in QSR, education, tech, media, and retail. I'm an Oregon native, Colorado citizen, and current resident of New Delhi with my wonderful globe-trotting wife.
Project: CU - ALL FOUR:ONE

Role: Creative Lead

Software Used:

Positive Outcomes: Results indicate 70% aided recall and large improvement in affinity for and understanding of CU system throughout Colorado.

Description: The University of Colorado initiated a $3MM/year multimedia advertising campaign to better brand the four campuses of the system and increase affinity the state's largest public university. I created the ALL FOUR:ONE concept and have led the creative development and execution since the campaign's in

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