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Brandon | Graphic Designer

UI page layouts UI flow main features included: dashboard, calendar feed, library, pre & post workout pages, and in-workout UI. portfolio image 1 from portfolio titled NordicTrack Fusion CST UI
App interface App is accessed via the Portal 10i tablet that comes with the machine. Tablet controls the equipment during the workout experience. portfolio image 2 from portfolio titled NordicTrack Fusion CST UI
NordicTrack Fusion CST Product in use example for PR purposes. portfolio image 3 from portfolio titled NordicTrack Fusion CST UI
App interface  portfolio image 4 from portfolio titled NordicTrack Fusion CST UI
UI layout Personalized dashboard (top) indicating weekly stats and featured workouts for the day. Pre-workout UI (bottom) showcasing workout stats. portfolio image 5 from portfolio titled NordicTrack Fusion CST UI
in workout UI Workout metrics display along the bottom of the screen. Resistance and Intensity can be changed using sliders located on the sides portfolio image 6 from portfolio titled NordicTrack Fusion CST UI

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I'm a multi disciplined designer helping brands find ways to connect with consumers through the use of design conventions. I've created, developed, and supervised many ideas at traditional agencies and within in-house teams. I'm a student of the game and love coming up with new and interesting ways to bring a product to market.
Project: NordicTrack Fusion CST UI

Role: UI product design

Software Used: sketch, photoshop, After Effects

Positive Outcomes: Product released within the project deadline.

Description: Develop UI flow and app experience for the NordicTrack Fusion CST. Worked with product owners, developers, an creative direction to concept, design, prototype, and test the app.

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