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Andrew | Graphic Designer

Fantasy/Romance book cover Cover for novel set in fantasy Europe featuring woman kept from her royal heritage. portfolio image 1 from portfolio titled Photo Manipulation
Sword/Sorcery book cover Cover for first in series of romantic/sword & sorcery novel about a noblewoman in medieval England. portfolio image 2 from portfolio titled Photo Manipulation
Community Picnic poster  portfolio image 3 from portfolio titled Photo Manipulation

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Andrew is a master of all aspects of graphic design, who enjoys multitasking under tight deadlines, and within a dynamic team environment. Andrew has worked extensively in print, including identity campaigns, product branding, logos, newsletters, and complex packaging; and is also hands-on familiar with web-site design and management. Andrew is an organized, effective communicator, recognized by peers for his ability to lead, create, and disseminate the finished product, and he specializes in the development of creative and marketable design solutions that are on deadline and under budget.
Project: Photo Manipulation

Role: Photo manipulation and design

Software Used: Photoshop

Positive Outcomes: I can create images of nearly anything that my clients need, including the impossible.

Description: Andrew uses his imaginative skills as a designer and illustrator to envision people and places that don't exist but seem that they should.

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Graphic Design
Assets: 11

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