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Ricardo | Designer/Illustrator

Memetic Society Identity Identity and branding for Memetic Society. portfolio image 1 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Abigail Washburn Album Packaging This project won the International Bluegrass Music Associations 2012 award for "Best Graphic Design for a Recorded Project". portfolio image 2 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Amanda Pinson Jewelry Retail Display Art Window installations done for fine jewelry retailer Amanda Pinson Jewelry in Chattanooga, TN. portfolio image 3 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Haskell Interiors Print advertising for Haskell Interiors. portfolio image 4 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Album Artwork Illustration Illustration and album packaging for Mike Mains & the Branches album "Home" portfolio image 5 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Erwin McManus DVD Box Set Packaging design for DVD Box Set series for inspirational speaker Erwin McManus. portfolio image 6 from portfolio titled Featured Work
AEC Independent Film Series One of a series of posters and advertisement for Chattanooga Arts & Education Council's Independent Film Series. portfolio image 7 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Loose Ends & Lost Soul Poster design for authentic music programme on Chattanooga NPR. portfolio image 8 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Urban Outfitters WIndow Display One of several Urban Outfitters window displays created while employed by Urban Outfitters.  This was created in accordance with company-wide aestheti portfolio image 9 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Merchandise Illustrations Apparel illustrations for music clients. portfolio image 10 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Apples & Bandaids Custom Retail Installations Art Installations prepared for collaborative release of Apples & Bandaids apparel in Urban Outfitters in Santa Cruz, CA. portfolio image 11 from portfolio titled Featured Work
SALE Universal Clothing Apparel designs for fashion brand SALE Universal. portfolio image 12 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Apples & Bandaids Identity, web presence, apparel designs, branding for Santa Cruz non-profit Apples & Bandaids portfolio image 13 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Jedidiah Clothing Apparel designs for Jedidiah Clothing. portfolio image 14 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Loveless Apparel Various apparel designs for Florida-based Loveless Apparel. portfolio image 15 from portfolio titled Featured Work

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Ricardo is a graphic designer with experience and expertise in illustration and creative direction. On a recent project with a record label, he created and executed the marketing plan for a last-minute CD release and finished ahead of schedule and under budget. Ricardo is currently available for work in the Nashville area!
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Description: Graphic Designer / Advertising Copywriter

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