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Arun is Programmatic/Digital Director with 7+ years of digital advertising experience. He specializes in all aspects of programmatic, digital strategy and client partnerships working with leading brands and industry leaders. Arun has won �Employee of the Quarter� multiple times while at Exponential and was nominated for the category of �Rising Talent� at Choreo's, a GroupM�s annual award Ceremony. As the Director, Client Services at Xaxis, he managed $7M per month in business accounts and was a key member for Mazda�s joint business plan � achieving a 20% growth in revenue based on January forecasts. Arun is extremely proficient in DSP, DMP & Analytics Technology. Some of his previous clients include GroupM, Xasis and Exponential. While working at these agencies he worked on brands such as Ford, Mazda, Volvo, Indigo and Pepsi.
Project: Arun Hemnani

Role: Programmatic advertising

Software Used: DBM, Appnexus, [m] platform

Positive Outcomes: Mazda business was retained for 7M/Year, Ford continues to meet its KPI and results.

Description: Managed clients Ford, Mazda, GSK and other for their programmatic business at Xaxis, GroupM. Accessed different platforms and data management platforms to setup and run the campaigns for different outcomes.

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Arun Hemnani
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