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Christmas Traditions

A movie analysis of holiday classic 'Home Alone 2: Lost In New York,' tied to personal Christmastime traditions in my family.

'Orange Is The New Black' Cast

Interview with Matt McGorry, Selenis Leyva, and Catherine Curtin at The Television Industry Advocacy Awards.

Super Bowl Sunday

A comedic analyzation of the Super Bowl where football takes a back seat to music, fashion, and a brief history lesson.

A Musical Survival Guide

An exploration of emerging Scandinavian musicians, including Robyn, Royksopp, and Ex-Cops.

Kitchen Nightmares

A breakdown of the culinary scene as seen through cooking shows (and why Gordon Ramsey reigns supreme).

Where To Sit At FYF

What does a music festival and the 'Mean Girls' cafeteria seating chart have in common? Surprisingly a lot.

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Born and raised in the Czech Republic, Sophie has always had a deep fascination with American lifestyle and pop culture. When she crossed over the pond into Phoenix, Los Angeles, and now Portland, her personal interests merged with her greatest passion of all - journalism. Sophie has five years of writing, reporting, and editing experience under her belt in topics that range from the arts to sex/dating to travel pieces. Extremely detail-oriented and research-driven, she loves discovering new world trends and craves to be "in the know."
Project: Hollywood

Role: Writer/Editor

Software Used: WordPress, SocialFlow, Photoshop

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Description: A wide-range collection of pieces written through the Hollywood gaze. Sports, music, TV, film, fashion, celebrity lifestyle, and the culinary scene.

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