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Joel | Copywriter

Smashburger Print, Outdoor Smashburger wanted to introduce their new Smashsalad in a way only they could. Mission accomplished. portfolio image 1 from portfolio titled ACD/Copywriter
Old Spice Print, Retail When you combine Old Spice with the NFL, you get a whole lot of excessive behavior. In a good way. portfolio image 2 from portfolio titled ACD/Copywriter
Denver Ad Club Print, Online Advertising can be a tough career choice. But fear not, Denver creatives, the Ad Club is here to help.  portfolio image 3 from portfolio titled ACD/Copywriter
Birkenstok Print A new twist on an old classic, with an ad that's as fun as the product. portfolio image 4 from portfolio titled ACD/Copywriter
Cisco Print, Online Cisco Business Solutions enable communications anywhere. portfolio image 5 from portfolio titled ACD/Copywriter
7 Wines Print A high-end pinot noir, that deserves high-end copy. With a little sense of humor thrown in.  portfolio image 6 from portfolio titled ACD/Copywriter
Integer Chili Cook-off Posters Interagency communication for a great cause. portfolio image 7 from portfolio titled ACD/Copywriter
Big Bear Ski Area Outdoor People in LA don't know much about snow, especially that you can find some pretty decent stuff only 2 hours from the city.  portfolio image 8 from portfolio titled ACD/Copywriter
Grady White Boats Print There's a reason Grady White builds boats that are unsinkable. And people who spend a lot of time on the water understand that better than most. portfolio image 9 from portfolio titled ACD/Copywriter
Sees Candy Poster, Print Sees Candy was one of the sponsors of the King Tut exhibit  US tour. Apparently, kids aren't the only ones who love Sees. portfolio image 10 from portfolio titled ACD/Copywriter
Polaris RZR Outdoor To tease the launch of the new Polaris RZR 900 (which no one had yet seen) we made fans wait another week by only revealing its shadow. portfolio image 11 from portfolio titled ACD/Copywriter

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Joel is a dynamic copywriter with a long list of experience with a wide variety of agencies and brands. His diverse portfolio includes digital, print, OOH, broadcast and packaging.
Project: ACD/Copywriter

Role: Copywriter, ACD

Software Used: Word, Photoshop

Positive Outcomes:

Description: I have extensive experience concepting, writing and branding for retail, outdoor recreation, travel, beauty, automotive and high tech.

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Assets: 15

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