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Asia Star | Graphic Designer | Presentation Specialist

Logo Design Murobel Logo Mark portfolio image 1 from portfolio titled
Infographic Kaiser Permanente infographic. 
 portfolio image 2 from portfolio titled
Packaging Created all the package design and branding, including a style guide and in-store display.  portfolio image 3 from portfolio titled
Social Post A series of Magnum social post that live on Facebook. Responsible for all concepts, set design, art direction and post work.  portfolio image 4 from portfolio titled
Print Walmart 52 page Catalog lookbook portfolio image 5 from portfolio titled
Presentation Design Rotary International presentation deck design. portfolio image 6 from portfolio titled

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Asia is a fantastic designer with significant experience in presentations. Most recently, Asia designed a PowerPoint deck that won her client the TOMs account. Prior to freelancing, she worked at a communications firm, where she was promoted from intern to designer in just 3 months and within a year was a design manager. While there, she worked on both their corporate/internal team and consumer based team. She worked on the McDonaldZs, Univlever, Cisco, Discover, Modelo, Lipton Tea, and Sargento accounts. She designed presentations, client mailers, infographics, newsletters, posters, logos, and identity work along with social media ads, product photoshoots, and landing pages. Towards the end of her tenure, she was managing several interns, working with them on client facing presentations. Recently, through TCG, she worked on a variety of presentations, print, and digital assets. She has received outstanding feedback from both clients and has been asked to come back multiple times.

Role: Art Director/ Designer

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