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Sector Eight Brand Identity for Sector Eight, a company who does custom car modifications. portfolio image 1 from portfolio titled Sector Eight
Logo and company specs Measurements on the logo, font and colour information. portfolio image 2 from portfolio titled Sector Eight
Sector Eight logo Mockup Mockup of the logo portfolio image 3 from portfolio titled Sector Eight
Business Card Design Mockup of the business card. portfolio image 4 from portfolio titled Sector Eight

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Mark Harmon has 11 years of work experience, with 5 years of management experience, including a mid-level position. Mark is a Graphic Designer with 6 years of experience in the graphics and printing industry. He is a very adaptable and strives at working in fast pace environments. He is up to date in the latest CC software particularly with Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and Acrobat. He has worked both large corporations and small business in corporate identity, as well as print and digital projects. Some clients have included BMO (Bank of Montreal) Deloitte, Office Max, and Deecipher. He has also worked in print management where he has been responsible for managing a team, building client relationships, maintaining budgets as well as quotas. Mark was personally responsible for landing the largest business account for the location.
Project: Sector Eight

Role: Designer/Creative Director

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator CC

Positive Outcomes:

Description: This project was to create brand Identity logo and style guide for Sector Eight, a company which specializes in custom car modifications.

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