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Peter | Graphic Designer

Primo Panini POS and Collateral Point-of-Sale and Point-of-Purchase material created to attract customers to a local sandwich shop.  portfolio image 1 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Simply Yummy Bakery Sell Sheet Art directed photoshoot and designed sell sheet layout for local bakery during holiday season. portfolio image 2 from portfolio titled Featured Work
TD Merchant Services / Building Momentum Concept Concept developed and designed for a conference to promote team building within the TD Merchant Services. portfolio image 3 from portfolio titled Featured Work
TD-United Way Poker Tournament Conceot Commissioned to develop a poker style concept for a local charity-based event. portfolio image 4 from portfolio titled Featured Work
World Series DVD Box Set This project was formed to relive a historical journey of the World Series from inception to present day.  portfolio image 5 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Montreal Canadiens Coin Collection Program Consumer promotional program was designed to boost retail and newspaper sales within Quebec and increase an already rabid fan base by targeting casual portfolio image 6 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Gillette POS-POP Performed pre-press production for high-res output upon client approval. portfolio image 7 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Johnston Raymond PTA Poster This poster was part of a series of posters to bring awareness to the Johnston Raymond workplace ethics. Other continental posters were designed too. portfolio image 8 from portfolio titled Featured Work
York Region Food Charter Brand Identity Commissioned to re-brand the YRFC by making the brand more synonymous to the region. The stem is the map of York Region. portfolio image 9 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Canadian Volvo XC60 Brochure Given task to redesign Canadian Volvo brochure to separate the brand information from the American version of the same brochure. portfolio image 10 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Aurora Farmers' Market Logo Contest submission for the Market's logo redesign. Elements of the Town Park were important in the design as it symbolizes the Market's locale. portfolio image 11 from portfolio titled Featured Work

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Pete has over 15 years of field experience as an Art Director/Senior Designer, specializing in instore/retail promotions. He is as good as it gets when it comes to print design and understands a great deal about the field as a whole. He has designed and directed projects for York Region, Accio Marketing and Media, the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB respectively, Activation Solutions Group, and Pather International. His projects have included the likes of product development and design, DVD cover and disc design, brand identity, print advertising, print collateral, POP/POS design and web banner design. Pete also knows InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator of the CS6 suite extremely well and is a skilled photo manipulator as well.
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