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Mary is a freelance graphic designer/pre-press artist who has created print material (pitch books, brochures, print ads, out-of-home (OOH)) for FCB, FCB Health, Ralph Lauren, TBWAChiatDay, Rivet, Momentum Worldwide, Cliff Freeman & Partners and Sudler & Hennessy. She has designed PowerPoint Presentations for Revlon, TBWAChiatDay, Cliff Freeman & Partners and Health Science Communications. Our designer has also freelanced as a Pre-Press Production Specialist � Creating mechanicals (advertisements, subway car cards, direct mailers) for Cablevision, Vanguard and NYC Department of Health w/ experience in Pharmaceutical, Beauty, Luxury Brands, Consumer, Direct Mail, Finance!rn
Project: Michelin Ads

Role: Pre-Press, Design

Software Used: InDesign, Illustrator

Positive Outcomes: Increased consumer awareness of product features.

Description: Ads designed by TBWAChatDay and resized, pre-pressed by me in their E-Studio, E-Graphics Plus.

Projects by this Artist

Michelin Ads
Assets: 2
Al Jezeera America Launch
Assets: 4
Revlon Magazine Ads
Assets: 4
Steinway & Sons
Assets: 2
Nissan Out-Of-Home
Assets: 3
Accenture Ads
Assets: 2

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