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Lana | Graphic/Production Designer

Versaseats Business Cards This stationary and these business cards are an application of the brand language previously established for Versaseats.
 portfolio image 1 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Versaseats Print Advertising This print ad plays with the multitude of possible arrangements from just a few pieces of furniture. portfolio image 2 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Versaseats Posters My objective was to communicate the look, feel, and function of Versaseats through print media. 
By focusing on patterns of movement, I was able to d portfolio image 3 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Versaseats Assembly Manual This assembly manual is provided to the consumer inside of the Versaseats package. portfolio image 4 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Versaseats Packaging As part of the branding effort for Versaseats, I designed a logo and package.  portfolio image 5 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Versaseat I created this modular product in order to brand, package, and promote it. It is highly versatile because of its compact size, invertibility, and hexa portfolio image 6 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Type Play This is a sample composition from a book of experimental type art. I used hand and machine-made textures along with digitally-rendered letterforms. portfolio image 7 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Thank You Card I designed this thank you card for one of the firm's partners during an internship at Gammon Ragonesi Associates. Mary had thrown a birthday tea party portfolio image 8 from portfolio titled Featured Work
NAAP Posters This is a volunteer project I did for the NAAP's annual summer street festival. The group needed a series of posters for its first annual Heritage Boo portfolio image 9 from portfolio titled Featured Work
MicroWorld Connect This product was part of my graduate thesis. Cards can be viewed one or several at a time.
The set is divided into 6 stages that roughly outline key  portfolio image 10 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Linius High Speed Train Concept For this project I was on a three-person team along with an interior designer and an industrial designer. 
We named the project Linius and had six we portfolio image 11 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Typographic Puzzles This piece was designed to tie together 9 typographic compositions that are based on words and concepts from Chapter 8 of John Thackara's book In The  portfolio image 12 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Doors of Perception Poster/Mailer This is a double-sided direct mail piece and poster meant to entice recipients to attend the 2010 Doors of Perception Conference in New Delhi, India.  portfolio image 13 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Con D'Oro Wine Bottles This is a red and white wine label system for a mid-market wine. I took a tongue-in-cheek approach: from the brand name (Con D'Oro as the "golden cond portfolio image 14 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Amman Image Book In this piece I tried to show snapshots of how the city of Amman, Jordan has changed (or stayed the same) over time by contrasting and comparing image portfolio image 15 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Apuya Eco Friendly Cosmetics Packaging The client wanted me to develop a brand and packaging system for a medium to high-end line of organic Brazilian cosmetics.  portfolio image 16 from portfolio titled Featured Work

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