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Jeff | Senior Art Director

Mandalay Wine Label Mark Andy demo job to be run on press while at trade show. portfolio image 1 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Bud Light Panels Series of panels for the Anheuser-Busch wholesalers convention. portfolio image 2 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Go Beyond Tower for Texas Instruments Trade show tower promoted world's fastest DSPs used at the Consumer Electronics Show. Graphics fit into pre-existing tower. portfolio image 3 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Naert Realty Image Ad Image ad ran as full-page in St. Louis Magazine. portfolio image 4 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Emerson Copeland Scroll Ad Trade ad for Copeland Scroll compressor. The target audience was restaurant owners. portfolio image 5 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Gateway Products Group Catalogs 16-page spark plug listing catalog. Photography of individual spark plugs was provided by client. portfolio image 6 from portfolio titled Featured Work
Mark Andy Performance Series 2-sided tech sheet for the Mark Andy Performance Series. Also created Performance Series logo and P3, P5 and P7 brand marks. portfolio image 7 from portfolio titled Featured Work
VES Solutions Presentation Folder Single pocket folder with company information included in place of a formal brochure. Also designed VES brand logo. portfolio image 8 from portfolio titled Featured Work

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Jeff is an outstanding art director and designer who's worked at some of the most well known companies in St. Louis. Before becoming a freelancer, Jeff was the Executive Art Director for Group 360, Senior Creative Director at Fleishman Hillard and an Art Director at A.G. Edwards. While freelancing, Jeff has worked on brochures, labels, logos, direct mail and much more for clients including Mark Andy, Hussman and many others. He is incredibly talented from a concept side, but has no problems doing the production of his work as well. Jeff is skilled in InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop and is available immediately to take on work.
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Role: Concept - Art Direction

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Description: Concept - Art Direction - Project Coordination

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