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Spotlight on Talent — Digital Portfolios

See all that our talent has to offer by browsing our digital portfolio selection. This is just a glimpse of the creative talent we have at TCG — click on your branch location below and give us a call so we can match our creative talent to your needs.

If you're an existing TCG candidate looking to update your digital portfolio, simply log in to your profile, scroll down and click on "Manage Portfolio."

For more tips on how to create a stand-out portfolio, check out our digital portfolio best practices.

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Jason | Art Director / Designer
Charlotte, NC

Andrew | Andrew - Creative Director
New York Midtown, NY

Ingrid | Illustrator + Packaging/Print Graphic Designer
Boston, MA

Max | Front End Dev, Design, CMS
Minneapolis, MN

Ben | Ben - Package Designer
New York Midtown, NY

Megan | Art Director and Designer
Denver, CO

Laura | Senior Graphic Designer
Boston, MA

Derek | NJ Based Illustrator and Designer
Woodbridge North, NJ

Daniel | Interactive Designer
Toronto, ON

Kristin | Copywriter
Denver, CO

Andrew | Graphic Designer
Dallas Galleria, TX

Yuliya | Graphic Design, Advertising, Web Design & Interactive Media,
Houston Galleria

Kyle | Art Director
Boston, MA

Sean | Digital Marketing Specialist | SEO | PPC
Chicago, IL

Lionel | Interactive Designer
Dallas Galleria, TX

Akshata | Jr. Art Director
Princeton, NJ

Ricardo | Designer/Illustrator
Nashville Downtown, TN

Olivia | Junior Print/Web Designer, Production Artist
Boston, MA

Paul | Paul - Infographic Designer
New York Midtown, NY

Kyle | Designer
Minneapolis, MN

Matthew | Illustrator
Dallas Galleria, TX

Jemma Barbara | Senior Graphic Designer
San Jose, CA

Jennifer | UI Designer
Houston Galleria

Gregory | Graphic Designer / Art Director
Portland, OR

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